Create Cute 3D Illustration with Blender

Create Cute 3D Illustration with Blender


Have you ever wanted to get your feet on the 3D world but felt too overwhelmed to start? Learning 3D can be very complicated, particularly when there are so many specialized programs for each area of 3D and there is no clear guide on where to start.

Besides being a very complete program, Blender is 100% free, which means it’s perfect for anyone starting out, as it doesn’t require any financial investment. All add-ons that are part of my process are also free. I’ll be showing my process on how I create Cute 3D Illustrations for Commissions, Social Media Content, Games, and so on.

Join me in this class where I’ll introduce you to Blender with a hands-on approach in which you will be able to produce your own 3D art!

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