Create Python Projects with ChatGPT

Create Python Projects with ChatGPT


Are you interested in creating graphical user interfaces for Python? In this course, I will teach you how to do that using TKinter. You’ll also learn how to connect those apps to the OpenAI Text Completion Artificial Intelligence API, which will surprise you with how quickly you can create cool-looking apps!

During the course, we’ll be using Python, TKinter, and CustomTkinter to build a Chatbot app that connects to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. You’ll be able to send ChatGPT-like questions directly from your app and receive responses on the app’s screen. To get the responses, we’ll be using the davinci-003 model, the most advanced one offered by OpenAI.

In addition to that, I’ll guide you on how to connect to OpenAI with an API Key, query the engine, and parse the responses correctly.

If you’ve recently seen ChatGPT and are interested in learning how to use these types of tools programmatically, this course is perfect for you. We’ll be using the customTkinter library to make our Tkinter app look more modern and professional. It’s an excellent solution for those who think Tkinter looks a little old and outdated.

Although we won’t go into customTkinter in great detail, I’ll show you how to use bits of it here and there to make your app look more modern. Even if you have no experience with customTkinter, you won’t face any difficulty following along as I’ll walk you through it step by step!

This course is suitable for beginners to intermediate coders who want to learn how to build apps with TKinter and Python. You don’t need any special tools to take this course, but having a basic understanding of Python and TKinter is helpful.

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers


  • It would be beneficial to have a basic understanding of Python. The projects will be explained from scratch.

Last Updated 4/2023

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