Designer + AI

Designer + AI


Learn what AI is, how to use it well, what definitely NOT to use it for and what skills to focus on learning to get ready for the future of design.

What will you learn after the course?

AI is here to stay, but you need to be especially aware of things its not yet relevant for, to avoid making low quality design.

  • How to use AI right now, what NOT to use it for and how to navigate the potential issues that may come from the technology. Learn how to critically approach AI content.
  • An outline of skills that will likely NOT be replaced by AI anytime soon and are worth focusing on right now. Ranging from presenting your work to communication.
  • Because we are both working for clients AND building an AI startup, we crafted a couple of unique methods on how to work with external AI tools well. You’ll learn them here.
  • Learn this unique method that shows you understand the design decisions behind your projects AND how to annotate AI generated content in your design work.
  • This is a hybrid course with a goal to update every time something relevant to UI or UX design gets released in the AI space. It’s only the beginning phase of our exploration.

Released 6/2023

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