100 Days of JavaScript: From Zero to Becoming a Pro Developer

100 Days of JavaScript From Zero to Becoming a Pro Developer


In this course, we will take a start from complete scratch and will assume that you never had a JavaScript Programming Experience before. We will end this course by making you a Professional JavaScript Engineer who is capable enough to apply his knowledge to build real world Applications and apply for JavaScript Jobs. We will go in depth of everything so that you can learn each and everything about the topics that we will cover in this course.  We have more than 25 Assignments in this course and each Assignment has 2- 10 Challenging Tasks. The Solution of most Assignments is also available just in case you got stuck in solving a Challenging Task.

We have made 10 Professional Level Applications in this course so that not only you learn the Concepts but you can also apply these concepts to make something real out it. We have Challenged and guided you to make real time Applications for you in different parts of the Course. After making these Applications that we have made and Challenged you to make, you will be capable enough to make any type of Professional Applications in JavaScript

We have more than 3 Sections Specifically to prepare you for Job Interviews. We have been in touch with many people who have successfully passed the JavaScript Job Interviews. After their Feedbacks, we have Added many interview questions with their solutions. Asynchronous Programming is one of the most important Concept in JavaScript where it is 100 Percent for sure that you will be asked many Interview Questions. We Added One Complete Section of Job Questions related to Asynchronous Programming covering almost all types of Questions and Coding Challenges related to this Concept.

We will continue to add new topics to this course on students recommendations. We will make sure that this course is always well up-to date. This course aim to develop your skills to become capable for your coming professional life. In this course, if you have any problem understanding anything, you can feel free to directly message me or ask your questions in the Q/A Section and I will get back to you as soon as possible. The Last Section of the Course is related to the most asked Questions in this course

We wish you the very best for this course.

Hope this course will be very beneficial for you.

Good Luck

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who are Eager to Learn JavaScript from Absolute Zero to becoming a Pro Developer
  • Anyone interested in making real time Professional Applications in JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to be fully prepared for any JavaScript Job Interview. We have 3 Sections Just for commonly asked JavaScript Interview Questions
  • Anyone who wants to learn the JavaScript concepts with real time Examples. We have more than 25 Assignments in this Course


  • No Programming Experience Needed. Everything is going to be taught in this Course

Last Updated 6/2023

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