React js Basic To Advance (Learn by Doing)

React js Basic To Advance (Learn by Doing)


About This Class

Welcome to React for Beginners, a course designed to teach React.js to web developers, even if they have never written any React.js code before.
No one will be left behind in this session as we begin from the very beginning!
Because React combines HTML and JavaScript, it may seem awkward to write at first, but I’ll show you how to remember when to write JavaScript and when to write HTML (or what’s known as JSX).

React syntax, importing from other files, components, dividing components into new files and importing them, extending components, component properties and state, click events, and how to incorporate an API request when a button is hit will all be covered in this lesson.

If that seemed complex and intimidating, don’t worry; I’ll show you all you need to know about React.js so you can start using it right now.

Why learn React.js:

You can create crazily dynamic and responsive webpages and applications with the JavaScript framework React. Your JavaScript might want to do some kind of action when a user types or clicks on something. That is simpler to write and maintain thanks to react. Additionally, it may be extended, allowing you to create a small amount of code once and reuse it across the board to avoid having to write code all day.
In addition, React is a skill that is in high demand. React is used by many startups, large corporations, and development firms. It allows them to build incredible user interfaces like the Netflix movie collection.
Vanilla JavaScript can be used to construct anything that can be built in React, however React makes it simple to maintain and easy to

Who uses React.js:

Nowadays, almost everyone uses React. Whether it’s a full website like Netflix or just a small section of one with intricate logic. Nowadays, React is written by pretty much everyone and their pets. And for that reason, learning is crucial.

About the teacher:

I’m your teacher, Edubaba Ehizeex. Since 2015, I’ve been instructing others how to code. Tens of thousands of students on Skillshare alone are among the hundreds of thousands of pupils I have instructed and coached.
As a web programming instructor, I was able to secure a prominent position in the development community.
I’ll be teaching you React.js today. It’s okay if you’ve never written a react; I’ll guide you over the learning curve. If you’ve never developed React, you MUST first become familiar with JavaScript. So if you are unfamiliar with JavaScript, please wait before beginning this course.

  • Throughout this course, we’re going to create a fully functional
  • Netflix Website (clone)
  • Professional Dashboard
  • Recipe website
  • Quiz App
  • Professional Portfolio website to showcase your jobs.

Finally, We are gonna deploy all the project on server so that you can share the links with your employers and your sponsors.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners of all level, who want to learn react basics and advance topics.


  • Html
  • css
  • java script

Last Updated 3/2023

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