Mastering Laravel 10 Query Builder, Eloquent & Relationships

Mastering Laravel 10 Query Builder, Eloquent & Relationships


Are you struggling with Laravel databases and Eloquent? Do you want to learn how to easily manage your database with migrations and seeders? Look no further than Code With Dary’s “Mastering Laravel Databases & Eloquent” course on Udemy! This comprehensive course covers the ins and outs of Factories, Seeders, Migrations, Query Builder, Eloquent, and relationships in Laravel 10. With Code With Dary’s expert guidance, you’ll learn how to efficiently manage your database and build powerful, scalable applications. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your Laravel skills to the next level – enroll in “Mastering Laravel 10 Query Builder, Eloquent & Relationships” today!

What is Laravel?

Laravel is the go-to PHP web application framework for developers. With its extensive set of features and tools, Laravel enables developers to create web applications in a fast and efficient manner. One of the standout features of Laravel is its powerful database management system, which runs on top of the Eloquent ORM. Using Laravel and Eloquent, developers can seamlessly perform CRUD operations on the database, as well as execute complex queries with ease. Learning Laravel and Eloquent is a must for any PHP developer who needs to build modern, scalable web applications with confidence.

Why is Laravel so popular?

Laravel is popular because it provides developers with a powerful set of tools and features that make it easy to build modern, scalable web applications. It has a robust database management system that runs on top of the Eloquent ORM, which allows developers to easily perform CRUD operations on the database and execute complex queries. Laravel also has a large and active community of developers, which means that there are many resources available for learning and troubleshooting. Additionally, Laravel is easy to learn and use, which makes it a great choice for developers of all skill levels.

Who is this course for?

Some people may find Eloquent ORM difficult because it has a lot of features and can take time to fully understand. Additionally, working with complex relationships between database tables can sometimes be challenging. However, with practice and experience, developers can become proficient in using Eloquent to manage databases in Laravel applications. This course will teach you everything in depth about Laravel databases, Query Builder, and Eloquent! I do expect you to have knowledge in Laravel before starting this course, since we’re going to focus purely on databases and eloquent.

Tools we will be using

We need to use a code editor for this task. It doesn’t matter which one you use. I prefer using tools such as Ray from Spatie and Tinkerwell from BeyondCode. Both products are paid, but not required for this task. I use them in this course to make data outputting easier and to show you query speed, which can be compared to other queries.

Who this course is for:

  • Laravel developers who want to sharpen their Query Builder and Eloquent skills.
  • Laravel developers who want to specialize the Query Builder.
  • Laravel developers who struggle with databases and Eloquent
  • Laravel developers who lack a strong understanding of relationships


  • Understanding beginner topics in MySQL
  • How to set up a MySQL Database
  • Procedural Programming in PHP knowledge
  • Object-oriented PHP knowledge
  • Understand how the Laravel framework operates
  • Understand how the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework works

Last Updated 4/2023

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