Master Electron Framework And Build 5 Advanced Desktop Apps

Master Electron Framework And Build 5 Advanced Desktop Apps


Build stunning and advanced desktop applications that matters – with web technologies you already know or heard of (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

Desktop applications is a billion dollar business and it’s only going to keep on growing as companies like WhatsApp, Skype, Adobe, Microsoft, GitHub among other top companies are still pushing a lot into desktop application development.

The only down side is that, there are fewer desktop developers than web developers and that is where you come in. Now is the best time for you to learn desktop application development and put yourself at the forefront of this billion dollar industry.

Whether you want to get a job as a desktop application developer or build the next billion dollar desktop application that matters. Whether you’re an advanced web developer or you’re now starting out.

Now is your best time to enroll in this electron course and learn everything you need, from setup to building traditional desktop applications, all the way to building system tray applications and even packaging and distributing your desktop apps on all operating systems including windows, macOS and linux.

What Do You Get For Enrolling In This Course?

This course is supported on macOS, windows and linux.

This is the most up-to-date Electron Course created with you in mind and for you. This course has over 80 lessons and 8+ hours of invaluable content and resources, which is everything you’ll need to design, build and package your electron desktop applications for all operating systems including windows, macOS and Linux, whether you’re an advanced developer or you’re now starting out.

I keep this course updated so you will get notifications from me whenever I add new sections.

Electron is used by top multi-billion dollar companies for desktop applications like Skype, Whatsapp desktop, WordPress for desktop, Slack, Atom editor, Visual Studio Code and other very popular desktop applications — and yours can be next.

What you’ll build in this course

  1. A Fully Fledged Text Editor: We’re going to cover the moving parts of an electron application by building this very first app. We’ll cover concepts like main and renderer process, Inter process communication (IPC), Dialogs among others, which should get you familiar with how electron apps are built.
  2. A Complex Music Player: We will take things a step further by building a complex music player which has playlist, can pause, play next, play previous etc.
  3. A System Tray Music Player: We will then convert our music player from a traditional desktop application to a system tray app. At the end, we should be able to start and stop our music player from the system tray.
  4. A Top Headlines News Reader: We will then have some fun with a news reader application which also has the complexity of multiple categories and article search. We will learn how to launch multiple “pages” in our app.
  5. A Radio Streaming App: I can now stream my favourite radio stations with this app almost every time I code. We’ll build this radio streaming app from scratch, which you can also use.

    ——There’s more——
  6. Packaging: We will package and distribute the music player app we built in this course for windows, macOS and Linux. After this section, you should know how to package and distribute your application for all operating systems.

Hear From Students Who Took This Course – (More in reviews section below):

The course is exactly what it promises to be; a practical demonstration of the core concept of Electron applications and its most relevant capabilities. The sample applications chosen are really on-point and pragmatic. – Joan Carballo

Initially, I thought this was gonna be just one of those courses, but going through this course I realized its one in a million. You are a great teacher. – Quaqu Henry

I was sceptic at first because the instructor’s voice in preview videos was not confident and with a strong accent. But he proved me wrong. After the first “boom” line I was sucked in and I learnt a lot and I’m very thankful. Yes, he made some typos along the course, but I was proud of myself when I realised them before he pointed them out and fixed. The applications you build are great base for further electron experimentation. This course is a career starter – it is a must. – Jonas Krotil

This is by far one of the best electron courses I’ve seen. It was easy to understand underlying concepts. Following the tutorial, I have been able to rebuild the apps without any assistance. Also, Mubarak was almost always available to answer all my questions. – Mohammed Zakari

Very good. It is fast paced without unnecessary filler. – Peter Weston

Best Introductory Course!! I recommend it to people just getting into Electron. Well Explained, and anyone can get the hang of this. Great Instructor! I feel confident in writing my own Apps 🙂 – Ro Nin

We’re Going To Cover Topics Like:

  • Setting up your PC for building electron apps
  • Packaging and distributing your electron applications for all operating systems
  • Designing stunning and native interface for your desktop apps
  • Creating traditional desktop applications
  • Creating desktop applications that run in the system tray
  • Building applications with multiple “pages”
  • The history behind electron and what it’s all about
  • Using the electron documentation

After Taking This Course You Should Be Able to:

  • Design and Build electron applications that matters.
  • Package and distribute your electron application for windows, linux and macOS
  • Secure an electron desktop application developer position
  • Use the electron documentation for any desktop app feature that isn’t covered in this course

This is a hands-on practical electron course that get’s you up to speed with building cross platform native desktop applications with web technologies you’re already familiar with. Learn everything you need to become a master electron desktop application developer. Enroll now and i’ll see you in the course!!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner web developers who want to learn how to build desktop apps for all operating systems with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Advanced web developers who want to apply their existing knowledge to build native cross platform desktop apps
  • Programmers who want to learn how to build native desktops with web technologies
  • Anyone looking to build native desktop applications the easiest way possible


  • Should Know Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (I have recommended some helpful resources in the course to get you started if you don’t know these basics)
  • Knowing How Node JS Applications work is a Plus But Not Necessary

Last Updated 1/2021

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