GO CANADA – Canadian Business English


This is Business English with a Canadian accent. The course is given by Anna Grancharoff, a highly qualified teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Education (TESL). 

In this unique course you will learn the phrases, structures, techniques, and special expressions that will allow you to communicate in English with greater fluency and confidence.

The course begins with a review of selected grammar structures. This is followed by lessons designed to build your business vocabulary with specific words and phrases that you will use in real-life business situations.

Next we focus on spoken communication with the terminology, vocabulary and techniques that will help you participate in meetings, give presentations and communicate on the telephone. Learn how to use active listening techniques; how to plan meetings and presentations using Signposting Language and how to use the main features of English speech. The section also includes lessons on you help you prepare for job interviews.

In the following Section, Written Communication, will learn how to write professional business letters and e-mails with correct formatting and punctuation.

Throughout the course you will hear English spoken with a clear, neutral Canadian accent.

Here is what students are saying about Canadian Business English:

“What an incredible English course! This course is well-structured, the teacher explains everything clearly, moreover I learned new words, expressions and how to behave in a business environment. To sum up, this course was not what I expecting but it was what I needed.”

Luiz Felipe Pereira Rocha

“I really appreciate this English course. I had opportunity to practice many grammar exercises and improve my English skill level. Anna is a good teacher and knows how to explain different English topics. Certainly, I would like purchase other courses.”

Magdiel Cardoso Vilar

“This course is A Must-Have for English learners! Professor Anna has a very clear and easy to understand approach to the topics. The course is also well structured and covers many fundamental steps that a lone learner like me could have missed in self-study. I was just looking for something like this…”

Hebert Douglas A. Nogueira

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to improve or update their Business English skills.
  • Professionals working in international companies.
  • University students who need to prepare for their future careers.
  • Those entering the Canadian workplace or intending to immigrate to Canada or to any other English-speaking country.
  • People who wish to improve their job interview techniques.


  • Intermediate level English proficiency.

Last Updated 10/2020

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