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“This is a great review for anyone who is hoping to brush up on their quant skills going into the GMAT. I did my first practice exam 6 weeks before my exam date and scored a 640, with the quant section being the main area that I needed to improve on. After 12 years, I got in touch with my high school math teacher who forwarded me grade 11 and 12 textbooks, which were helpful, but honestly, just too much content to get through in a short time. I found this course on Udemy, and found it to be very helpful because it is broken out so clearly and the instructor has a very good way of explaining the concepts. There were probably only 2-3 times in the whole 40 hours where I knew that there was a faster way to solve the problems. Also, because Udemy has the function available to speed up, if you are reasonably familiar with certain sections, you can watch it at 2.0x, etc. Anyway, long story short, I got 710 on my GMAT yesterday, with a 48/51 on the quant section and purchased this course only 30 days before that. (Don’t get me wrong, I put in a lot of hours in those days, but I still think that’s a great result.) This plus the official practice questions and exams, and online forums for particular questions was the key to my success, but the practice questions don’t give you any indication about the breadth of concepts or whether you’re anywhere near being familiar with all of them. This course was critical for that – thank you very much! “-Chloe Cameron


I really liked this course, and found it very comprehensive. Jackson has meticulously designed the course structure and prudently selected the sequencing of concepts. I felt both adequately coached and intellectually challenged at various points in the course to get a very holistic learning experience overall. Would highly recommend this to anyone preparing for GMAT.-Karan Kapoor


Well Done, very helpful and the content actually motivated me- Farhan Hasan


One word which describes the instructor: Diligence. You’ll get good value for your money and even more.-Adaora Anyanti


Great course! I just went through all the concepts and am about to start working on some problem questions that I saved for later. I solved several easier problem questions and Jackson provides great explanations to guide me through how to solve better or more efficient. I am not good at math but Jackson provides great solutions step by step to make it easier to understand math. There are some sections that I don’t understand how to solve questions but Jackson promptly replies to your questions. This is very important for me to understand the material thoroughly and to move forward to the next question with confidence. Overall, 5 stars both on course material and instructor’s attentiveness! Highly recommend this course to everyone who is preparing for GMAT. -Yosuke Tomita


Fast paced, direct to the point and very well handled when it comes to explanations. Make maths be piece of cake.-Eduardo Prioli Novaes

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GMAT Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency can be mastered with the right approach!

“Even the most motivated and intelligent student will advance more quickly under the tutelage of someone who knows the best order in which to learn things, who understands and can demonstrate the proper way to perform various skills, who can provide useful feedback, and who can devise practice activities designed to overcome particular weaknesses.”

― Anders Ericsson, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise


Do you have trouble getting answers to problems which you already practised ? Do you get a feeling that GMAT Math seems unending ? Are you able to retain and apply your learnings in mock tests ? Do you feel confident about what all you have learnt ? 

You have come to the right place where you will be able to bring structure to your Math Prep. With this course, everyday you study for the GMAT will bring you progress and you will be adding to the reservoir of knowledge to apply on GMAT DAY! 

Instead of spending hours and hours on just problem solving, FIRST focus on building rock solid fundamentals. Once you finish this course you will know all the types of questions and have interlinkages between various topics and question types in your mind. Then you will be all set to spend just sufficient time for practise. The difference will be that every question you continue to practise after this course will stick in your mind because it will just add to the reservoir of knowledge you have already built.

Get ready to achieve your DREAM Score! I scored 760 in the GMAT  by approaching GMAT prep in a structured manner.

The Topics are arranged to easily form a mental structure comprising of Topics and Question types for the GMAT.

  • BASICS for GMATIn this section we cover the basics including what prime numbers are, HCF & LCM, Different types of fractions, Decimal Numbers, Classification of Numbers, BODMAS rule and Exponents.
  • Algebra Basics for GMATThis section is an introduction to word problems. It covers linear equations in both one variable and multiple variable scenarios. Word problems are covered throughout the course in respective sections. This section build fundamentals so that you can easily grasp new concepts in the other sections wrt word problems. Algebraic identities are also covered here. 9+ Solved Questions.  
  • Data Sufficiency BasicsIn this section we get started with Data Sufficiency Questions. We start by Analysing what DS Questions are and cover common traps and tricks for DS questions in the GMAT. After covering the basics we discuss 700+ level DS questions using simple concepts discussed in the Basics and Algebra basics sections. 26Solved Questions.  
  • Percentages + Average & Alligation for GMATThese 2 sections cover various topics that will take you from the basics to an advanced level. Multiple problem types and solution techniques. 27+ Practise Questions solved in detail.QUIZ Testing Percentages + Average & Alligation (20 Questions) followed by Video Solutions
  • Data Sufficiency Questions based on Percentages + Average & AlligationIn this section we discuss 700+ level Data Sufficiency Questions using concepts covered in Percentages and Averages & Alligation. Techniques to reduce Calculations and arrive at the answer in the quickest possible ways are discussed. 11 Practise Questions solved in detail.
  • Speed, Distance and Time + Work for GMATThese 2 sections cover various topics that will take you from the basics to an advanced level. Multiple problem types and solution techniques. 52+ Practise Questions solved in detail.QUIZ Testing Speed, Distance and Time + Work (20 Questions) followed by Video Solutions
  • Data Sufficiency Questions based on Speed + WorkIn this section we discuss 700+ level Data Sufficiency Questions using concepts covered inSpeed and time & Work. We focus on mastering tricky questions that are usualy traps set for the test taker.  7 Practise Questions solved in detail.
  • Numbers for GMATNumbers is divided into 17 Sections covering various topics that will take you from the basics to an advanced level. Multiple problem types and solution techniques. 44+ Practise Questions solved in detail.QUIZ Testing Numbers (22 Questions) followed by Video Solutions
  • Data Sufficiency Questions based on NumbersIn this section we discuss 700+ level Data Sufficiency Questions using concepts covered in Numbers. 13  700+ level Practise Questions solved in detail.
  • Permutation and Combination for GMATThis is divided into 7 Sections. Starting with the difference between Permutation and Combination, takes you to an advanced level. 36+ Practise Questions solved in detail.QUIZ Testing Permutation and Combination (20 Questions) followed by Video Solutions
  • Probability for GMAT9 Sections. Get to know the various types of Questions and Concepts with Explanation sessions followed with 18+ Solved practise Questions.QUIZ Testing Probability (20 Questions) followed by Video Solutions
  • Geometry for GMAT9 sections. Indepth coverage of concepts with lot of interlinkages. Covers Trignometry and Coordinate Geometry also. 163+ Solved Questions.QUIZ Testing Geometry (20 Questions) followed by Video Solutions
  • Data Sufficiency Questions based on GeometryIn this section we discuss 700+ level Data Sufficiency Questions using concepts covered in Geometry and Coordinate Geometry. 18  700+ level Practise Questions solved in detail.
  • Algebra:Equations for GMATIndepth coverage of Quadratic Equations, Graphing Quadratic functions, Understanding the Roots / Sum / Product of roots etc of quadratic and higher order equations. 20+ Solved Questions.
  • Data Sufficiency, Inequalities and Absolute Valuesfor GMATIndepth coverage of Inequalities and Absolute value Concepts to help you avoid common traps and also help you arrive at the correct answer in the most efficient manner. 26Solved Data Sufficiency Questions.


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  • 30 Days Money back guarantee

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Let’s make your GMAT dreams come true

– Jackson

Who this course is for:

  • Students planning to take GMAT for the first time
  • Students facing difficulty in Data Sufficiency
  • Students looking at improving their GMAT score
  • Students who wish to follow a Structured approach in their GMAT preparation


  • Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • No other Requirements

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