Designing for Developers

Designing for Developers


Working in design is not a solo job. While you may come up with ideas and designs on your own, someone—usually a team of someones—has to make your vision a reality. And more likely than not, that’s the developers. In this course, Joseph Labrecque teaches you how to get into the mindset of a developer so you can appropriately design experiences that can be built and delivered by your technical teammates. He shows why it’s important to establish a dialogue with the developers on your team, ways to understand and prepare for the technical platforms your developers use, how to leverage developer input in your design process, ways to organize your deliverables for easy developer consumption, and, importantly, suggestions on letting go of your designs and allowing your implementation team to shine. Join Joseph in this course to better understand your responsibilities to the development team members you will work with on modern digital design projects.

Released 5/31/2022

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