Handpaint Complete Guide

Handpaint Complete Guide


This product covers all aspects of Art Theory, technical details, software settings, painting techniques. Perfect for increasing your value in the gamedev!

3 Modules, 15 lessons (3+ hours), Realtime/ Timelapse processes.

All 3D models, maps included.

Module 1:

1) Introduction in 3D Coat+ setup, Substance Painter, Painting video.

2) Light/ Color Theory. Theory on sphere, stone tile examples. Painting tips, layers in Photoshop + slides.

3) Painting low poly Wood Sign (both realtime, timelapse with commenting)

Module 2:

1) Painting/ Analysis materials: Wood, Stone, Metal.

2) Design in Handpaint lesson.

Module 3:

1) Substance- 3D Coat lesson.

2) Texturing 2 creatures: Stingray, Ulcer (timelapse texturing with comments) + full realtime processes.

3) Bonus “Sucess as an Artist” video.

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