CSS3 Masterclass: Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class

CSS3 Masterclass Your Complete Beginner to Advanced Class


Are you looking to enhance your skills by trying out new Typeface, Colors, Effects, animations and lot more or you want to crack your UI interviews?

Have an idea about colors, effects, animations but don’t know how to implement it.

Don’t worry here is one stop solution to all your queries.

The very first thing you need to know is, a website without CSS3 is just like a skeleton without body. This course will first give basic understanding of designing your website with the greater effects to grab the end users concentration.

Curious to know in detail about your course? Please check out the detailed description of the topics that are covered in course.

First things First
I will take you through a quick tour to let you know what are the topics covered. Apart from this you can find multiple projects which you will be able to do after your end of course. I have even provided a file for answers to the exercises that are asked to be solved in between the course.

The main beauty of this section is, you can find many references which makes your way of learning easier. I believe “Learning is always fun “, thus I have included many Brain Hunt’s as well, trust me! It’s quite interesting and fun to resolve them.

Styling Module
In this part, you’re going to explore options for styling guide, you’ll create a new page component and style that page component using a CSS styles. You will learn to use when, where and how to use these styles.

Color Module
This part contains color format, opacity and transparency.

Text Module
In this section you will get to know more about writing mode , directions , orientation, shadows, letter spacing , word spacing and many more.

Fonts Module
This includes how to import google forms. Along with this you will learn about font family, size, weight , custom font loading.

Selectors makes work much easier! Types of selectors and how to use them is explained in this section with the concepts universal, type, class, ID, Attribute Selectors. Along with child, next sibling combinatory.

Pseudo Class & Element Selector
This section contains location pseudo class, user action, input, Lang pseudo class.

Generated Contents
This section involves topics like string, image, counter, attribute, Unicode character entities.

In this section you will get to know more about naming convention and case sensitivity, selector’s specificity, BEM Design pattern, specificity hack.

Values & Units
This section covers distance units, quantities, functional notations.

List Styles

In detail explains you about how to style a list using style position, style image, style type.

Box Model
Explains about width & height, min & max width, border, padding, rounded corners, overflows, Box-Shadow and many more.

Background Module
Discusses about Background color, image, repeat, position, attachment, clip, size, origin.

How to apply gradients? And the types are gradients available.

Display Module
How to display block, inline block, none and visibility.

How to position an element by using floats, clear, all positioning, and box offset functionality.

Filter Modules
How to apply filters using filter property and filter functions.

Clipping and Masking Module
In detail about clipping and masking functionality.

Blend Mode Module
How to blend things using mix blend mode, background blend mode and much more about lighten group, contrast group, darken group, inversion group & component group.

Shapes Module
Includes all shape methods.

Tables Module
Explains in detail about how to border collapse/separate, border spacing, caption side, empty cells, table layout.

Includes transform origin, 2D-transformation, 3D-transformation.

Transition & Animations
Includes Transition property, transition duration, transition timing function, transition delay animation name, animation duration, animation timing function and many…

Media queries
Viewport / page dimension features.

Additional topics
Box reflect, text stroke, backdrop filter, variable fonts, background-clip: text, cursor, pointer events, user select.

And you have awesome tools for CSS, resources and a project to start after the finish of the course.

Happy Learning!

All the Best

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners who want to learn how to build a professional, beautiful and responsive website
  • Designers who want to expand their skill set into CSS 3
  • Web developers who want to update their CSS skills to the most modern and advance level
  • Developers who want to finally understand how CSS works under the hood
  • In general: anyone who wants to learn CSS 3
  • People who are interested in publishing their own websites and mobile apps
  • This course is best suited for beginner-level students interested in the latest developments in CSS 3
  • Anyone who wants to learn CSS 3 for the first time or wants to enhance their CSS skills
  • Anyone who is excited to learn about the latest CSS 3 features
  • Anyone who knows CSS but wants to dive deeper and learn more about CSS 3


  • This is a beginner to advance course — You do not have to worry about anything , this is from scratch
  • Any computer and OS will work — Windows, macOS or Linux
  • There is no need for any paid software — The text editor you already have works just fine
  • During this course we are going to use free tools, so you do not have to buy anything. 🙂
  • No CSS 3 knowledge is required at all for this course! You will learn it all in this course!

Last Updated 9/2019

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