Build a CI/CD Pipeline

Build a CI-CD Pipeline


Software is at the center of our world and touches nearly everything we do. The world depends on great software and access to features at the speed of innovation. Agile processes and mindsets help teams build features iteratively and get feedback quickly to apply learning and correct courses; however, without concepts like DevOps to remind us of what’s possible, feedback and innovation hit a dead end or an unnatural pause. To consider yourself or your team truly agile, you must embrace the concept of continuous delivery in its fullness. Continuous delivery is not a goal but a direction. By walking in the direction of continuous delivery, you get closer and closer on a daily basis to reaching a cadence where features and feedback truly move to users at the speed of innovation. Continuous Delivery is at the core of DevOps.

Learn How To

  • Influence development teams and stakeholders toward continuous delivery and improvement
  • Write more maintainable scripts that enable CI/CD
  • Instruct CI/CD systems using YAML notation
  • Integrate your code automatically and continuously
  • Automate deployment and verification of working software
  • Inform team leadership with meaningful metrics

Who Should Take This Course

  • Software developers
  • IT professionals
  • Site reliability engineers (SRE)

Course Requirements

  • Scripting or programming skills
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience in deploying web-based projects to hosting providers
  • An AWS account (free tier is okay)
  • A GitHub account
  • Some experience with agile software development and project management is nice

Released 3/2023

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