Automating Kubernetes with GitOps

Automating Kubernetes with GitOps


Automating Kubernetes with GitOps is designed to teach you the key concepts on how to automate infrastructure using Gitops. It introduces core topics of DevOps, pipelines and Git and shows how to build images from code in an automated way. You will build on your knowledge of automating infrastructure using Terraform and Ansible and proceed with how to use GitOps operators in a Kubernetes environment and build a custom operator. Finally, you will also learn how to use operators provided by ecosystems, such as Tekton and Argo CD.

Best-selling author and trainer Sander van Vugt uses real-world scenarios and demos throughout so you can see in real time how to use GitOps efficiently and effectively to manage Cloud Native applications.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the Fundamentals teaches the fundamentals by covering DevOps, GitOps and how to work with pipelines.
  • From Code to Image teaches how to code from image and goes deeper on creating container images based on the code that you have in Git.
  • Automating Infrastructure is about infrastructure automation. It covers how to use infrastructure as code, using Terraform, and about configuration as code, using Ansible.
  • From Image to Application is about GitOps and how to advance from running container images to running applications in Kubernetes, accompanied by a short introduction to running applications in Kubernetes.
  • Using Kubernetes Ecosystem Solutions covers GitOps solutions that come from the Kubernetes ecosystem including observability, tekton pipelines, and automated code updates.

About the Instructor

Sander van Vugt has many years of experience working with, writing about, and teaching Linux and Open-Source topics. He is the author of the best-selling Red Hat RHCSA and RHCE Cert Guides as well as a number of other titles on Kubernetes (including CKAD and CKA), Ansible, Containers, Bash, Microservices, and more. Sander also works as a Linux and DevOps instructor, teaching onsite and online classes for customers around the world.

Skill Level:

  • Intermediate

Learn How To:

  • Use DevOps, GitOps, and pipelines
  • Build Container Images using Dockerfile
  • Run Applications in Kubernetes
  • Setup Kubernetes for Gitops
  • Build a custom GitOps operator and run it in Kubernetes
  • Use advanced Kubernetes solutions to integrate the GitOps operator in Kubernetes
  • Use GitOps solutions provided by the ecosystem, such as Argo CD, Jenkins, and Tekton

Course requirement:

  • Basic knowledge of Kubernetes is recommended.
  • Students without Kubernetes knowledge are recommended to watch Getting Started with Kubernetes, 3rd Edition by Sander van Vugt

Who Should Take This Course:

IT professionals who want to learn how to use GitOps and Kubernetes to implement an optimized way to manage infrastructure as code, as well as applications.

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • IT Administrators
  • IT Architects
  • Hybrid Cloud Administrators

Released 4/2023

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