Zero To Shipped

Zero To Shipped


Feeling intimidated by fullstack development? Wondering how can some developers ship a functional app in one day? This engaging video course demystifies and simplifies the process, helping you build and ship products quickly. Turn the scary world of fullstack development into an approachable and enjoyable experience.

What is this?

This is an engaging video course, but it’s not your typical programming course. You will learn

Fullstack development
Proper mindset for shipping products
All of my tools & workflows
Let me explain.

You will learn to ship fast

People constantly ask me “how do you ship so fast” but when I tell them the answer they’ll usually say “B..bu.. but that’s not the right way to do things!!!”

The obsession with doing things “the right way” is the reason many devs haven’t shipped a single project. I don’t want to only teach you about a technology stack. Technology stacks come and go.

I want to teach you fullstack development, but to also change your mindset about development overall. I’ll show you two magical lines of code that at first will make you scream in agony, punch some drywall, have a shower and a drink and ask for a full refund. But after a while you’ll realize that I just changed your webdev game forever.

You will learn to laser focus

I’ve always had a single goal: to ship apps and bring value to the end user. I want to teach you how to do that without getting obsessed and getting lost in useless metrics, arbitrary numbers, optimizing your bundle size, network requests, and stuff that doesn’t matter.

ThOuGhTLeAdErS will fill your head with nonsense that doesn’t matter when shipping an app. Will it scale? Will it rerender? Is it memoized? Is it optimized enough? Will it fetch 1 extra kb of data? Will it load in 0.1 ms when a user in an igloo on 2G connection loads it on an old Android phone? None of this matters if you want to ship. You’re not Facebook.

You will ship your projects

Most developers don’t ship. Most developers have hundreds of unused subdomains. You probably have a note called “side project ideas” that’s gathering dust. Renaming that note to “shipped side projects” is simpler than you think.

I will guide you from the moment you scaffold your app, to shipping it in production.


Welcome to Zero To Shipped

Cold Starts
Local Storage
Load Balancing

It seems like too much, doesn’t it?

The magicstack

The simplicity and the power of this stack is unparalleled.
You can go from zero to shipped product in a matter of hours.

Next.js. The React Framework for the WebUsed by some of the world’s largest companies, Next.js enables you to create full-stack web applications by extending the latest React features.Blitz.jsThe Missing Fullstack Toolkit for Next.jsBlitz picks up where Next.js leaves off, providing battle-tested libraries and conventions for shipping and scaling world wide applications.
Prisma. Next-generation Node & TypeScript ORMPrisma unlocks a new level of developer experience when working with databases thanks to its intuitive data model, automated migrations, type-safety & auto-completion.
Mantine UI. A fully featured React components libraryMantine helps you build fully functional accessible web applications faster than ever. It includes 150+ customizable components and hooks.
TypeScript. A Robust, Type-Safe Superset of JavaScriptMaster TypeScript’s type-checking strengths to catch potential errors early and enhance confidence when handling data fetching and updates, ensuring a more reliable and efficient application.
Zod. TypeScript-first schema validation with static type inference. Learn how Zod’s expressive API leads to more reliable and robust projects, catching potential errors early and streamlining your development process.

Released 9/2023

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