Woodworking: Fundamentals of Cabinet Making

Woodworking Fundamentals of Cabinet Making


Master cabinet making, and you open the door to many projects; cabinets for your shop or kitchen, bathroom vanities, book cases, dressers and more. The construction methods used on all of these projects are very similar. This woodworking course provides every detail you need to build quality cabinets in your shop.

Cabinet making projects may appear daunting, but are easy if you break them down into manageable steps, using a logical approach for the building process. This video instruction, produced in conjunction with the Woodworkers Guild of America, teaches you how to do that, and provides the following key information:

  • Designing attractive cabinets
  • Choosing the best material
  • Managing large sheets
  • Dado and rabbet joinery
  • Dimensioning a face frame, perfectly
  • Face frame joinery techniques
  • Calculating door dimensions
  • Cope and stile joints on cabinet doors
  • Accenting cabinets with caps and moulding

It’s the small things that make Fundamentals of Cabinet Making beneficial, with detailed attention paid to each step of the process. You’ll learn to accurately (and easily) set up a stackable dado head, the best table saw blade for cutting sheet goods, face frame tricks, how to make doors on a router table, and more. All core skills that you need to take on cabinet making projects in your shop.

Woodworkers Guild of America Instructor George Vondriska brings many years of residential and commercial cabinet making experience to your Fundamentals of Cabinet Making course. He has, over the years, developed many tips and techniques that streamline the cabinet making process, and he’s ready to teach you all his tricks. From shop-made jigs to measuring without using a ruler, George has lots of great experience that he’ll share with you in this course.

In addition to step-by-step video instruction, this course provides you with some downloadable resources and helpful information, including: A detailed woodworking drawing for the cabinet you’ll build in your own shop while following along with George’s techniques; source references for any specialized tools used; and a printable Class Guide as a reminder for key steps.

Who this course is for:

  • Woodworkers wanting to expand their cabinet making skills.


  • There are not any course requirements or prerequisites for this class.

Last Updated 11/2019

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