Web Development Basics(Beginner level)

Web Development Basics (Beginner level)


The course covers the fundamental ideas of web development as well as the technology involved. This course can assist anyone, whether they have an engineering background or not, in understanding the fundamentals of the web.

Participants in this session will have a better understanding of how internet apps work. The user will be able to distinguish between internet applications and console and desktop software. After completing this course, a user will be able to build basic websites and web pages.

Users will be able to comprehend the web technologies used in development. The goal of this course is to help users understand the foundations of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so they may design, style, and dynamically enhance the website.

This course will answer multiple questions like:

What is the Web?

How was the Internet structured?

Client-server communication: what is it?

What do domains mean?

What functions do web pages serve, and how are they organized?

How are web pages made?

What constitutes the structure of a website?

How should a web development environment be set up?

How can a page be added to any website?

How can styles be added to any website?

How can functionality can be added to any website?

Who this course is for:

  • This course will help users to understand the working of internet applications. The user will be able to understand the importance of web applications compared with desktop & console applications. Following this course the user will be able to develop basic websites and webpages. Users will be able to understand the web- technologies used for development. This course will help users understand the basics of HTML,CSS & javascript so user can develop , style and add dynamicity to the web page as well.


  • Users should be aware of using computers, some text editors(e.g notepad, VScode , sublime text editor etc). Good if have basic knowledge about browsers and web.
  • System requirements: Windows, Linux, Mac OS having any Browser(Chrome, Firefox etc) installed. And any code editor(e.g. VScode, Sublime text, notepad) for code writing.

Last Updated 4/2023

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