Web Application Penetration Testing: SQL Injection Attacks

Web Application Penetration Testing SQL Injection Attacks


SQL Injection is one of the most commonly exploited injection vulnerabilities in web applications and poses a serious security risk to organizations. As a web application pentester or bug bounty hunter, it is vitally important to understand what causes SQL Injection vulnerabilities, how they can be identified and how they can be exploited.

The ability for attackers to run arbitrary queries against vulnerable systems can result in data exposure, modification, and in some cases, entire system compromise.

SQL Injection vulnerabilities are often misunderstood and overlooked by developers primarily due to a lack of knowledge on how SQL queries can be weaponized by attackers.

This course will take you through everything from introducing you to SQL Injection, explaining the difference between In-Band, Blind and Out-of-band SQLi and will show you how to identify and exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities in web applications through a mix of both manual and automated techniques.

Released 7/2023

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