TypeScript: The Complete Guide (2023 Edition)

TypeScript The Complete Guide (2023 Edition)


In this course, you will learn Typescript from scratch to an advanced level with all concepts and examples. We will start with understanding issues in Javascript and how these issues will be solved in Typescript to write more type-strict code in Typescript.

Who are you?

Beginner to Typescript (Wants to new skill in skillset) ?

The course is well crafted in such a way that a new beginner can easily understand all topics with examples, slowly introducing advanced examples to make you more confident with typescript. If you are new to object-oriented programming,  in each module of OOP, the basic concepts are explained in detail before starting the actual implementation.

Learning as support for advanced frameworks (eg. Angular/react/express and more)

To learn advanced frameworks (e.g., Angular), you must have a great, in-depth understanding of Typescript. Which will help you understand the core concepts in more detail. For example, if you know how Decorators work in Typescript, you can easily understand the magic behind Angular Components. We also have a dedicated module for Typescript with Angular [Frontend] and Typescript with Backend [Express] to understand Typescript’s role in these frameworks.

Known to Basic Typescript & Wants to master it ?

That’s fantastic; we will unlock many concepts in detail with examples to have better clarity on advanced concepts like Decorators, compiler configurations, and many more. The course also has a dedicated module to cover many advanced topics that are rarely covered in many online resources. For example, Undefined vs. Null, Definitely Typed, Hash Prefix for Private Members, and many more

Additionally, how will this course help you understand typescript better?

  • The 10+ quizzes will help you test your understanding quickly.
  • The assignments will make you more confident in writing examples with the real time concepts you learned.
  • In the active Q&A section, where students answer each other and personally, I will be available to answer your queries.
  • Source code (in ZIP Format) is attached in almost every lecture, so if you are stuck somewhere & not able to get desired output, you can quickly download and use it [but I recommend you to give it a try rather than downloading].

And finally, it’s Udemy, where you have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for your satisfaction. So your investment is completely safe.

Let’s begin your typescript journey. See you inside the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Adding Typescript in your skillset
  • Wants to learn advance typescript
  • Learning advance frameworks in which typescript used like Angular/React/Express and more
  • Preparing for an Interview as Typescript Developer


  • A basic of javascript will be an advantage [Not compulsory]

Last Updated 8/2023

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