The IELTS 9.0 Masterclass

The IELTS 9.0 Masterclass


Why is it helpful?

The IELTS 9.0 Masterclass offers easy to follow, step-by-step preparation that carefully builds your confidence and fluency. This is your complete IELTS preparation course (designed for Academic, can apply to General as well). Learn strategies, skills and methods to superpower your IELTS core and impress the examiner. Some images/ contents used in this course are under license: Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed).

What will you learn?

This course is appropriate for anybody aiming to achieve a band 8+ or even band 9 in the IELTS test, but, although challenging, it will also be appropriate for anybody aiming to achieve a band atleast 6.5 (university requirement). Topics covered:

– Listening

– Reading

– Writing (Academic & General)

– Speaking

We’d recommend having a minimum English level of B1 before signing up. Over the duration of the course, your writing knowledge will expand as you learn a wealth of new words and expressions for many different topics, and your grammatical capabilities will improve as you see how written grammar is used in practice. Learn new ideas on a variety of topics so you don’t struggle for ideas in the test.

Course structure

Learn the methods to supercharge your IELTS skills. Increase your IELTS confidence and score upto 9.0. Each lesson starts with a video lecture where you’re presented with new vocabulary, its pronunciation, word forms, and example sentences. Videos range from about 30-40 minutes in length.

Instructor support

As part of the course, The Learnitive will provide constant support to all my students through the timely answer to all exam-related questions. Students can contact me via course messages or email.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn how to get a high score (Band 9) in the IELTS Writing test
  • Although this course is aimed at those who need a higher band 9.0 in IELTS, it will also help those trying to get a 8+.


  • It is recommend that you have a minimum English level before enrolling on this course
  • Understanding of the format of the IELTS exam is not mandatory, it is explained in the course (2022)

Last Updated 7/2022

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The IELTS 9.0 (5.1 GB) | Mirror

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The IELTS 9.0 Masterclass.torrent (112 KB) | Mirror

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