The Complete Guide To Custom GPTs and Actions

The Complete Guide To Custom GPTs and Actions


Do you want to create your own custom ChatGPT, tailored just for you or ready to shine in the GPT Store? This course will show you everything you need to know to make your own GPTs, including how to connect your GPT with third-party tools, APIs, and your own unique applications.

We kick things off with the basics. How exactly do you create a custom GPT? What can you achieve with web browsing capabilities, knowledge files, and the power of a code interpreter? I’ll walk you through the process of creating and deploying your GPTs to the GPT Store, ensuring you have all the tools and knowledge at your fingertips.

Next, we dive deeper in creating connected custom GPTs. Ever wondered how to make your GPT that talks to Spotify or creates presentations on Google Slides? To accomplish these things, you need to write GPT actions and OpenAPI specification files.  You’ll learn to bridge your custom GPTs with third-party APIs using OpenAPI spec.

We’ll also tackle the advanced stuff—like crafting custom GPT actions that require authentication and routing your requests through your own API for unparalleled control over your GPT’s behavior.

Whether you’re aiming to innovate, streamline your workflow, or simply unleash your creativity, this course on creating custom GPTs is your first step towards mastering the art of custom AI creation.   

Here’s a breakdown of the curriculum:

  • Custom GPT Basics – learn how to create your own GPTs, generate profile pictures, and deploy to the GPT store
  • GPT Capabilities – Understand the built-in GPT functionalities including image generation, web browsing, the code interpreter, and knowledge files
  • Actions and APIs – Learn the fundamentals of APIs, HTTP requests, and GPT actions
  • Writing OpenAPI Specs – Write your own actions using the OpenAPI specification
  • Actions With Authentication – Learn how to incorporate APIs that require authentication into your custom GPTs.  Learn how to proxy GPT requests through your own applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in getting more out of ChatGPT
  • Anyone looking to develop their own customized version of chatGPT


  • No programming experience required

Last Updated 2/2024

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