Svelte & SvelteKit

Svelte & SvelteKit


Learn how to build resilient, high-performance apps using Svelte and SvelteKit — and how they work under the hood

By participating along with us in the workshop, you’ll learn

  • Understand how to think of an application as a collection of separate components
  • Discover how Svelte enables you to build components faster
  • Develop a mental model for what the Svelte compiler is doing behind the scenes
  • Experiment with using animations and transitions for more coherent, delightful user interfaces
  • Build a progressive server-rendered app using SvelteKit
  • Learn techniques for testing Svelte components

Released 4/2023

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Direct Download

Svelte & (2.2 GB) | Mirror

Torrent Download

Svelte & SvelteKit.torrent (92 KB) | Mirror

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