Python for Data Science and Machine Learning

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning


This course offers a deep and wide range of skills set from Programming to statistics and machine learning algorithms. The skills you will attain from this course could make you an expert Data Analyst, Quality Analyst and Business Analyst and Statistical Analyst roles.

Machine learning algorithms such as Regression, Clustering, Classification and prominent libraries such as Pandas, Matplotlib, SciKit -learn is covered from this course.

The main goal of the course is to provide a deeper understanding and hands-on learning experience on the Data Science domain with the help of Python programming language along with real-time Data Science projects to provide an overall knowledge on Data Science domain.

This course covers all the topics from Mathematics to Programming to Visualization techniques that are needed for a Data Scientist role. The whole module that is provided is based on recent trends and growing job opportunities in the Data Science world.

The course provides the module of Machine Learning with a prominent SciKit -Learn library. Algorithms like Regression, Clustering, and Classification are done using the SciKit-Learn library.

  • Pandas library which is used prominently for Data Analysis, Data wrangling and analytics is covered extensively in this course.
  • Data Visualization library Matplotlib is covered from Beginner to Advance level in this course it is very useful for pictorial representation and Data Reporting.

Who this course is for:

  • Professional looking for Analytics: Every sector of the industry is moving towards analytics. They are working with a high volume of data for their business growth. They are attracting new tools and technologies. Job career: People who are keen to learn and work in domains like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Analyst. Any Individuals: Data Engineers, Software Developer, Analyst, IT operations, Architects, Technical Managers, Professional interested in Data Science and Visualisations.


  • Basic Knowledge of Computer Programming terminologies: Any candidate looking for this Data Science with Python Course should be familiar with any of the programming languages. It will add weight if you know the basics of statistics. We design our course starting with the basics. We will make sure to deliver you with all the fundamental knowledge. System Configuration: We recommend to use any PC or laptop with processor i3+ and RAM recommendation should be at least 4GB with smooth internet connectivity. Passion to Learn: You need to start your course with high motivation and passion to learn. Be honest with yourself.

Last Updated 6/2022

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