Professional TypeScript Training

Professional TypeScript Training


The feature’s working. The tests are passing.
But your IDE is a sea of red lines. TypeScript’s not happy again.

You move on to the next error

“What on earth is this?”

you think to yourself.

Element implicitly has an ‘any’ type because expression of type ‘string’ can’t be used to index type ‘{ string: string | undefined; }’

No index signature with a parameter of type ‘string’ was found on type ‘{ string: string | undefined; }’

It’s impossible to Google. Every search result is either “here’s 100 lines of complex code” or “here’s a solution that doesn’t work”

You contemplate the absurd amount of hours you spend solving these problems.

You’d rather give up than deal with another

The intersection ‘User & PublicUser’ was reduced to ‘never’ because property ’email’ has conflicting types in some constituents.


Return type of exported function has or is using name ‘User’ from external module ‘sdk’ but cannot be named.

Your time is precious. You have bigger fish to fry.

You could spend that time building new features or bugfixes. You could be providing value. Instead, you’re fighting TypeScript.

These days, TypeScript is an industry default. If you’re starting an enterprise app today, you’ll need a good reason NOT to use TypeScript.

So you keep on pushing – all the time feeling like you’re working against TypeScript, not with it.

The truth is that you never truly learned TypeScript, at least not in depth. That’s the source of your pain.

You never developed a systematic approach to solving type errors.

You never developed a mental model for understanding when to use any.

You never understood the power of generics.


You never learned the underlying principles and patterns of being an effective TypeScript engineer.

An exercise-driven approach for learning TypeScript

Total TypeScript’s approach is different than what you’ll find in other online courses.

Instead of sitting through hours of lectures, you’ll be presented with problematic code and a concise explanation of what needs to be done.

Then using your existing skills along helpful links to relevant docs and other resources, you’ll have as much time as you need to complete the challenge either in your local editor or using the editor embedded into each lesson.

When you’re ready, you can watch how a true TypeScript Wizard approaches solving the challenge.

The exercises build upon another, demonstrating the most important TypeScript concepts in a variety different contexts so you can build understanding of when, where, and how to best apply them in your own application and library code.

“The challenges were not too easy, and some of them took me a fair amount of time to find a working solution. This ultimately helped me to better understand TypeScript!”

— Andrew C.

Make TypeScript work for you, not against you

What’s the thing that separates TypeScript wizards from the rest?


To them, TypeScript doesn’t feel like magic. It feels simple, predictable and malleable.

They can bend it to their will, and use its power for amazing DX.

Total TypeScript Core Volume is all about building that understanding at a deep level.

When you’ve completed the exercises, you’ll reach a point of mastery where very little surprises you any more.

You’ll have less fear when approaching nasty TypeScript errors, more confidence when typing dynamic signatures, gain velocity by cutting lines of code, and so much more.

You deserve so much better

You deserve a practical, systematic approach to learning TypeScript in depth.

Total TypeScript shows you the techniques used by the most complex OSS libraries.

Become your company’s resident TypeScript Wizard.

You will become a better contributor and reviewer.
You will be the one to unblock others and raise their velocity.
You will be the one who knows instinctively what TypeScript is doing.
You are indispensable.

Who is Total TypeScript for?

Total TypeScript Core Volume is suitable for any developer who is ready to work at becoming a wizard, though some basic familiarity with TypeScript is recommended.

The Type Transformations workshop begins by warming you up with exercises on basic inference and essential types.

Then nearly 150 exercises later, the Advanced TypeScript Patterns workshop will have you creating chainable method abstractions with generics and the builder pattern.

Check out the free Beginner’s Tutorial to set a foundation and get an idea for the workshop’s teaching approach.

Released 3/2023

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