PROFESSIONAL Full Stack Developer

PROFESSIONAL Full Stack Developer


Build, Test, and Automate Full-Stack Web Applications Like a Professional

Are you ready to level up your coding skills and become a full stack professional? Our new 50+ hours course is designed to equip you with the latest tools and techniques to build impressive, full stack applications that will impress the users and your team.

Over the next three months you will learn how to craft stunning, responsive front-end interfaces that flawlessly communicate with robust, scalable back-end servers, all with the use of industry-standard technologies such as

✅ Spring Boot 3
✅ HTTP & API development
✅ Developer tools for maximum productivity
✅ Robust error handling techniques
✅ Databases & PostgreSQL
✅ Spring Data JPA
✅ Flyway for seamless database migrations
✅ JDBC for efficient database communication
✅ Testing strategies for robust, reliable code
✅ Docker for containerization and deployment
✅ AWS for cloud-based hosting and scaling
✅ DevOps best practices for agile, collaborative development
✅ JavaScript and React for front-end development
✅ Spring Security 6 for secure, authenticated applications
✅ Login/Registration systems for user management
✅ TypeScript for type-safe, scalable code
✅ Angular for powerful, responsive front-end interfaces
🎁Bonus 6-Month IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate license worth 117.83$

Last Updated 4/2023

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