Pointers in C++ Programming


Pointers in C++ is one of the most fundamental and useful concepts. But, students generally find it difficult to grasp the concepts if they are beginning with C++ programming. In this class I try to present the concept of pointers in a simple and easy to understand manner with programming examples.

After completing this course students are expected to understand and use pointers in C++ efficiently in their programs

The course is suitable to all levels of programmers – from Computer Science or Software Engineering students up to an experienced Software Engineers who want to deepen their knowledge on the important concepts mentioned above.

Throughout the course, there are an extensive and clear explanations on each topic, alongside many coding examples and use cases.

Understanding of memory addresses, how to use and work with pointers and references, in what cases we will need to use pointer to a pointer, or pointer to a reference, what is the relation between pointers to arrays and strings, covering all cases with the const keyword with pointers and references, we will see what are the differences and the advantages/disadvantages of passing and returning objects by value/pointer/reference from a functions, reference/pointer arithmetic, pointers and references with OOP, modern C++ topics, and much more important and interesting content!

Who this course is for:

  • Computer Science students in College and University
  • C++ Software Engineers


  • Very basic knowledge of C or C++ is sufficient .

Last Updated 5/2021

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