pfsense Practical Lessons

pfsense Practical Lessons



I am delighted that you chose to attend this course. 🙂

Being a freelance network engineer i saw that pfsense is gaining a lot of popularity and now i know why – it is super easy and intuitive to use, upon completing this course you can see by yourself.

While creating this course, my focus was to show you the most used protocols and technologies in the actual working place, using as close to real-life scenarios as possible.

And I can assure you everything what is covered here was in my clients requests.

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

– Troubleshoot pfsense devices

– Configure different interface types

– Change the default behaviour of the pfsense by configuring transparent firewall

– Configure NAT

– Apply firewall rules

– Configure BGP and OSPF

– Configure all sorts of VPN tunnels

and more to be added

I thought that the best way to learn is also to see how all of the technologies presented in this lecture work together, so we will have one topology that we will use from beginning till the end of this lecture. The topology will be gradually become more complex and we will have to apply what was learned at every point of this lecture.

To get most of this lecture you should perform the configurations by yourself, as the best way to understand is by doing it by yourself.

This lecture might server you as a guide on configuring different technologies and it is intended for intermediate network engineers, maybe even beginners as it is simple to use and understand.

Also be aware that i do not cover theory on how different technologies work, i am just covering the practical lessons on how to configure and use the pfsense appliance.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate network engineer


  • You should have some network knowledge

Last Updated 3/2023

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