Penetration Testing: Advanced Web Testing

Penetration Testing Advanced Web Testing


Websites are one of the most vulnerable pieces of information technology, since their contents are exposed to access from the internet. By understanding how attackers locate and exploit these vulnerabilities, you can help build more secure websites and protect web applications. This course shows you how to perform advanced web testing using the tools available in Kali, the professional pen testing framework. After a brief refresher on web testing, instructor Malcolm Shore introduces some new tools for enumerating and exploiting websites. Malcom teaches you how to spider a website using Burp Suite and check for vulnerable pages, how to find hidden pages on a website, and shows how the common web technologies such as PHP, Nodejs, and ASP can be exploited. He also explains how to integrate Burp Suite and sqlmap to enable deep testing of a web site for hidden access vectors, as well as using tools like Cadaver and Jhead which attackers use to upload malware.

Released 9/2022

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