OSPF for the Real World – From Zero to Hero

OSPF for the Real World - From Zero to Hero


OSPF , or the Open Shortest Path First protocol, is the most common interior Routing Protocol in Networking. The only other protocol that comes close is IS-IS, and that protocol shares many of the fundamental concepts with OSPF.

Understanding the full depth of OSPF will help you:

  • Pass Certification Exams (CCNA, CCNP, JNCIA, JNCIP, etc…)
  • Conquer Job interviews for Network Engineering positions
  • Succeed and Excel in Network Engineer roles

This course is a modern, practical training series covering the full scope of OSPF. The stated goal of the series is to take anyone with a basic understanding of Networking and Routing, and make them a competent OSPF engineer.

The course will cover the most important (and most confusing) parts of OSPF:

  • OSPF Areas
  • OSPF Neighbor Adjacency States
  • DR / BDR Operation
  • OSPF Metric Calculation
  • OSPF Network Types
  • OSPF Area Types
  • OSPF Configuration and Verification commands

The course focuses on practical training — most of the lessons involve configurations and demonstrations for the concepts that are taught. 

There is particular emphasis on teaching the difference between verifying a devices configuration vs a devices operation. Every competent engineer must understand the difference between these two items.

The main thing that sets this course apart is the simplicity in which everything is explained an illustrated. You will be hard pressed to find better explanations of all the various OSPF concepts above.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a practical illustration of OSPF for the modern era


  • Basic understanding of Routing

Last Updated 5/2023

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