Next.js: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Next.js The Complete Beginner’s Guide


If you’re looking to learn all the core techniques of Next.js to get you up and running in building a fully-fledged web application then this Next.js class is for you!

With big changes having been introduced in NextJS 13, first, learn the core techniques used in Next.js before learning about the new features that have been added.

In this class, we’ll be building a fully-featured blog. You’ll be using the fundamental features of Next.js that have made it one of the most popular web development frameworks in the world and work with all the brand-new features that have been introduced in NextJS 13.

The Next.js techniques used to build the class project will cover a wide range of concepts and approaches to ensure you’ll go away with the confidence to be able to use Next.js in future projects of your own. Everything in this course will be fundamental in mastering the important aspects of building a NextJS application.

I’ll explain how I use Next.js to build functional and highly-performant applications that will enhance the all-around user experience.

This class will cover:

  • Setting up a Next.js project
  • App structure and organising layouts
  • Components and JSX
  • Static-site generation
  • Images and fonts
  • Routing
  • Accessing data
  • Adding styles / CSS modules
  • Error handling
  • Deployment
  • Changes that have been introduced in Next.js 13

You’ll be shown how to publish your work (for free!) using Vercel so I can give you some feedback and so other students can see your amazing work!

Even if you’re new to NextJS, you’ll find these simple and effective techniques easy to use and be able to apply everything you learn to your own future web projects.

Who this course is for:

  • React developers looking to further their front-end development knowledge
  • UI developers looking to get to grips with NextJS
  • NextJS 12 developers looking to understand what’s new in NextJS 13


  • Basic knowledge of React is needed – React components, JSX, hooks etc
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Last Updated 8/2023

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