Next JS ChatGPT clone with Next.JS & OpenAI (NextJS 13 2023)

Next JS ChatGPT clone with Next.JS & OpenAI (NextJS 13 2023)


Don’t get left behind! Increase your value as a web developer today by learning how to build AI powered web apps!

Welcome to the ultimate course on how to build your very own ChatGPT clone!

In this course, you’ll learn how to create “Chatty Pete”, a powerful chatbot with the same capabilities as ChatGPT, that uses Next.js v13, OpenAI’s GPT API, Next JS edge functions to stream chat responses, MongoDB for data storage, Auth0 for user authentication and user accounts, and Tailwind CSS for beautiful layouts and styling. We’ll end the course by deploying our app live to production, hosted on Vercel.

You will be guided through every step of the development process, from setting up your Next JS development environment to deploying your finished ChatGPT chatbot clone to the web using Vercel. You’ll learn how to create conversational interfaces, process user input, and generate natural language responses using OpenAI’s powerful ChatGPT language models. You’ll also learn how to utilise Next JS edge functions to stream data back from the OpenAI API, exactly the same as how ChatGPT does it!

With MongoDB, you’ll learn how to store and retrieve chat history, while implementing Auth0 within your Next JS app will enable you to add user accounts and secure your application with user authentication and authorization. Finally, you’ll use Tailwind CSS to create a stunning user interface within Next JS that looks great on any device.

This course is perfect for developers who want to expand their skillset and learn how to build complex web applications using the latest technologies. Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or just starting out, the step-by-step approach and easy-to-follow instructions in this ChatGPT clone course with Next.js will help you master the skills you need to build your very own ChatGPT clone.

So why wait? Sign up now and start building your own ChatGPT clone today!

Who this course is for:

  • React developers who want to increase their value as a developer by learning how to create SAAS products and start leveraging the power of AI


  • Basic understanding of React is required – everything else is covered!

Last Updated 5/2023

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Next JS ChatGPT clone with Next.JS & OpenAI (NextJS 13 2023).zip (1.9 GB) | Mirror

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Next JS ChatGPT clone with Next.JS & OpenAI (NextJS 13 2023).torrent (87 KB) | Mirror

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