.NET Core Microservices – The Complete Guide (.NET 6 MVC)


Is your project or your team suffering from the drawbacks of a Monolithic application? or are you one of those developers who have heard the buzz word about Microservices but you don’t know where to start from? or are you wondering if a microservices architecture is the right fit for your .NET project? or are you tired of other courses where they give you a good start but halfway through the course you wonder what is going on and nothing makes sense!

If so, then this is the perfect course for all of your questions!

You will learn the foundational elements of microservices by incrementally building a real microservices based application with .NET 6, step by step. We will be building multiple microservices and and for authentication and authorization we will be using Identity Server! I will guide you through the basic blocks of Identity Server and how to get it up and running!

Learn how to build Microservices in the .NET world using .NET API, Ocelot, Identity Server, Entity Framework Core and clean architecture using the latest .NET 6!

You will develop e-commerce modules over Product, Shopping Cart, Ordering, Payment and Email microservices with SQL Server communicating over Azure Service Bus and using Ocelot API Gateway. You can find Microservices Architecture and Step by Step Implementation on .NET which step by step developing this course with extensive explanations and details.

Along with this you’ll develop following microservices and items:

  • Product Microservice
  • Identity Server Microservice
  • Coupon Microservice
  • Shopping Cart Microservice
  • Order Microservice
  • Email Microservice
  • Payment Microservice
  • Ocelot Gateway Project
  • MVC Web Application

On top of all these, you’ll learn how to write quality code, not just how to build microservices. In this course you will see the demonstrating a layered application architecture with best practices.

Is this course for you?

If you are the developer who likes to get hands dirty with programming this is the perfect course! I love to code from scratch and explain the basics, so that is a main considering for this course as well! This course is very practical, about 90%+ of the lessons will involve you coding along with me on this project.

By the end of this course, you will have an application with 7 fully working .NET based microservices but most importantly you will understand every line of code, how the microservices work together and why we ended up with the final implementation.

Who this course is for:

  • Students looking to explore Microservices with .NET Core
  • Architect microservices the right way
  • Students looking to learn communications with Azure Service Bus
  • Students looking to learn the basics of Identity Server


  • .NET Core CRUD experience
  • .NET API CRUD experience
  • Entity Framework Core CRUD experience
  • Visual Studio 2019 / 2019 Preview (if using .NET 6)
  • SQL Server Management Studio 2018

Last Updated 5/2021

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