My SQL, Excel Pivots & Charts, Tableau (4 in 1)

My SQL, Excel Pivots & Charts, Tableau (4 in 1)


Welcome to the MySQL, Tableau , Excel Pivots & Charts course! This comprehensive course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in MySQL and Tableau, focusing on SQL queries, basic Tableau functionality, filters, and charts. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with these tools, this course will help you develop the skills necessary to manipulate and visualize data effectively.

In the MySQL section of the course, you will learn the fundamentals of SQL queries. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a powerful tool used for managing and analyzing data stored in relational databases. You will explore the basics of creating databases, designing tables, and manipulating data using SQL queries. By the end of this section, you will have a strong understanding of SQL and the ability to retrieve, filter, and aggregate data efficiently.

Moving on to Tableau, you will be introduced to the basics of this popular data visualization tool. You will learn how to connect Tableau to data source, navigate the Tableau interface, and create simple visualizations. With a focus on filters, you will discover how to apply filters to your data to drill down and explore specific subsets of information. You will also learn how to create basic charts, such as bar charts, line charts, and pie charts, to effectively communicate your data.

Throughout this course, you will have the skills and confidence to work proficiently with MySQL, Tableau, Excel Pivots, and Charts, and leverage their combined power to uncover valuable insights, make informed decisions, and present data in a compelling and impactful way.

By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in SQL queries, a basic understanding of Tableau’s features, and the ability to apply filters and create charts in Tableau. These skills will empower you to work with databases, perform data analysis, and visualize data in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or someone interested in expanding their data analysis skills, this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle data-related tasks using MySQL and Tableau. Join us now to unlock the potential of these powerful tools and take your data analysis and visualization skills to the next level.

Section 1:Bundle1 : MYSQL PART (A)

Lecture 1:A1

Lecture 2:A2

Section 2:MY SQL PART (B)

Lecture 3:B1

Lecture 4:B2

Lecture 5:B3

Section 3:MY SQL PART (C)

Lecture 8:C1

Lecture 9:C2

Section 4:MY SQL PART (D)

Lecture 8:D1

Lecture 9:D2

Lecture 10:D3

Lecture 11:D4

Lecture 12:D5

Lecture 13:D6

Lecture 14:D7

Lecture 15:D8

Section 5:MY SQL PART (E)

Lecture 16:E1

Section 6:MY SQL PART (F) Activities

Quiz 1:MY SQL QUIZ 1

Quiz 2:MY SQL QUIZ 2

Lecture 17:L1

Lecture 18:L2

Lecture 19:L3

Lecture 19:L4

Lecture 19:L5

Lecture 19:L6

Lecture 19:L7

Lecture 19:L8

Lecture 19:L9

Lecture 19:L10

Section 6:Bundle2 : Excel Pivots PART (A)

Lecture 20:A1

Section 7:Bundle2 : Excel Pivot PART (B)

Lecture 21:B1

Lecture 22:B2

Lecture 23:B3

Section 8:Bundle3 : Excel Charts PART (A)

Lecture 24:A1

Lecture 25:A2

Section 9:Bundle3 : Excel Charts PART (B)

Lecture 26:A3

Lecture 27:A4

Lecture 28:A5

Lecture 29:A6

Lecture 30:A7

Section 10:Bundle4 : Tableau PART (A)

Lecture 31:S1

Lecture 32:S2

Lecture 33:S3

Lecture 34:S4

Lecture 35:S5

Lecture 36:S6

Lecture 37:S7

Lecture 38:S8

Lecture 39:S9

Lecture 40:S10

Lecture 41:S11

Lecture 42:S12

Lecture 43:S13

Lecture 44:S14

Lecture 45:S15

Lecture 46:S16

Lecture 47:S17

Lecture 48:S18

Lecture 49:S19

Lecture 50:S20

Section 11:Tableau PART (B)

Lecture 51:S21

Lecture 52:S22

Lecture 53:S23

Lecture 54:S24

Lecture 55:S25

Lecture 56:S26

Lecture 57:S26

Section 12:Tableau PART (C)

Lecture 58:S27

Lecture 59:S28

Lecture 60:S29

Lecture 61:S30

Lecture 62:S31

Lecture 63:S32

Lecture 64:S33

Lecture 65:S34

Lecture 66:S35

Lecture 67:S36

Section 13:Tableau PART (C)

Lecture 68:S37

Lecture 69:S38

Lecture 70:S39

Lecture 71:S40

Lecture 72:S41

Lecture 73:S42

Lecture 74:S43

Lecture 75:S44

Lecture 76:S45

Lecture 77:S46

Lecture 78:S47

Lecture 79:S48

Lecture 80:S49

Lecture 81:S50

Lecture 82:S51

Lecture 83:S52

Section 14:Tableau PART (D)

Lecture 84:D1

Lecture 85:D2

Lecture 86:D3

Lecture 87:D4

Lecture 88:D5

Lecture 89:D6

Lecture 90:D7

Lecture 91:D8

Lecture 92:D9

Lecture 93:D10

Lecture 94:`D11

Lecture 95:D12

Lecture 96:D13

Lecture 97:D14

Lecture 98:D15

Lecture 99:D16

Lecture 100:D17

Lecture 101:D18

Lecture 102:D19

Section 15:Tableau PART (E)

Lecture 103:E1

Lecture 104:E2

Lecture 105:E3

Lecture 106:E4

Lecture 107:E5

Lecture 108:E6

Lecture 109:E7

Lecture 110:E8

Lecture 111:E9

Lecture 112:E10

Lecture 113:E11

Lecture 114:E12

Lecture 115:E13

Lecture 116:E15

Lecture 117:E16

Lecture 118:E17

Section 16:Tableau Activities

Lecture 119:Download Data Set


Lecture 120:1

Lecture 121:2

Lecture 122:3

Lecture 123:4

Lecture 124:5

Lecture 125:6

Lecture 126:7

Lecture 127:8

Lecture 128:9

Lecture 129:10

Lecture 130:11

Lecture 131:12

Lecture 132:13

Lecture 133:14

Lecture 134:15

Lecture 135:16

Lecture 136:17

Lecture 137:18

Lecture 138:19

Lecture 139:20

Lecture 140:21

Lecture 141:22

Lecture 142:23

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners & Intermediates are also welcome
  • Working professionals, business analytics & managers
  • Anyone interested in learning SQL to help with their current job or to find a new role
  • Anyone looking to answer complex business problems and generate reports using data


  • No MySQL, Tableau experience needed! Complete beginners to MySQL are welcome.
  • Software Installed : MS Excel 2007 to 2021
  • Software Installed : Tableau 2022
  • Software Installed : My SQL community 8.0.30 (My SQL Server +Benchmark)
  • All you need is a working computer for this course like Laptop or PC , Mac
  • Stable Internet connection

Last Updated 5/2023

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