Mind-Blowing Science: Season 1

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When great minds come together, great things happen. Introducing Mind-Blowing Science, a collaboration between the expert video producers at The Great Courses and the expert science writers at Scientific American magazine.

For those who are not already familiar with the venerable publication Scientific American, it was founded in 1845 and is the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. Devoted to covering the advances in research and discoveries that are changing our understanding of the world and shaping our lives, Scientific American provides insights and illumination about the most important developments at the intersection of science and society. More than 200 Nobel Prize winners have contributed to this flagship publication along with thousands of scientific experts across dozens of subjects, including Albert Einstein.

In late 2020, The Great Courses Plus partnered with Scientific American to bring their most admired articles to life with video adaptations. The first 15 videos that were released on The Great Courses Plus were so popular that we wanted to present this opportunity to our Great Courses customers as well. We invite you to join more than a dozen esteemed experts and take a deep dive across a broad assortment of fascinating topics that range from giant dinosaurs to household pets, from the inner workings of our brains to the games we play, from the potential reality of aliens to the truth about Neandertals, and so much more.

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