Mastering Threads


Let’s write a ThreadPool together. First exercise. A sea of scared faces. Is the teacher kidding?

“Mastering Threads” is an intense one day course that starts with the basics of threads. We then look at laws that help us to write correct threaded code. We then go to higher-level constructs that make threading much easier to use. We ends with diagnosing race conditions and deadlocks.

Each section ends with exercises that you can solve to hone your skills as a Java programmers. Some of these exercises (write a ThreadPool) has challenged hundreds of Java programmers. In solving these, we learn how inter-thread communication works. We learn how to keep our classes thread-safe. We also learn about thread states.

We have a detailed walkthrough for each exercise. Furthermore, students can submit their solved exercises to [email protected] for marking. This helps in the learning aspect as they get feedback from the instructor.

We use OpenJDK 11 for this course, taking full advantage of the new var syntax. However, programmers with Java 6 or 7 knowledge will also be able to follow.

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