Master MidJourney V5 ai + ChatGPT to Create Consistent image

Master MidJourney V5 ai + ChatGPT to Create Consistent image


AI-generated artwork has constantly been improving in terms of its accessibility and functionality.

An exemplary tool in this regard is Midjourney, which employs the potent combination of AI and machine learning to create stunning visuals based on text prompts.

Similar to the likes of DALL-E, Midjourney is a cutting-edge AI art generator. Once you gain expertise in its operation, the possibilities for creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art are limitless.

This course aims to simplify the process of using text prompts + chatGPT along with additional parameters to create stunning pieces of art and also to create consistent images for children’s illustrations book.

You will have access to my collections which took me 2 month to create which is a collection of 1000 Artists, themes, Art Styles, Effects, renders, Lightings, Photographers, Landscapes in these collections you just find your style and copy the prompt to get exactly what you want.

Course outline

Projects: at the end of each lesson you have some practice to do and after that you can watch the next lesson

Lesson 1 – Quick Start – generate your first image in less than a min

Lesson 2 – Subscription plan Fast mode vs Relax mode

Lesson 3 – Aspect Ratio

Lesson 4 – Version Comparison

Lesson 5 – Niji mode Final

Lesson 6 – Aspect Ratio

Lesson 7 – Version Comparison

Lesson 8 – Niji mode Final

Lesson 9 – Photography Mode Mj test and Mj test photo mode final

Lesson 10 – Upscaler – How to upscale your images

Lesson 11 – What is Chaos

Lesson 12 – Stylize

Lesson 13 – Seed

Lesson 14 – How to Upload Images to Midjourney

Lesson 15 – 13 Magic Prompting with Style

Lesson 16 – Multi prompt and Weights

Lesson 17 – Combine images

Lesson 18 – Consistent Character design

Lesson 19 – ChatGPT magic prompt with Midjourney

Lesson 20 – Refrence images link and chatgpt in midjourney part 1

Lesson 21 – Combine midjourney community feed prompt and your image links part 2

Lesson 22 – Learn from prompts part 3

Lesson 23- Midjourney V5

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who loves to create inspiring images and consistent characters


  • No requairments

Last Updated 3/2023

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