Make 10 Android/iOS Mobile Applications in Python

Make 10 Android-iOS Mobile Applications in Python


Python is the most widely used Programming Language in the World. I have seen thousands of students who have done the Basic part of Python but they have never used their skills and Concepts to make something Professional Looking and of an Advanced Level in Python. Any Programming Language is useless like this. When you go in your Professional Career, you are assigned to make Cool Looking Professional Applications and this is what this course is for.

In this course, we have assumed that you know the basics of Python or any other Programming Language and that our Job is to teach you how to use Python to make Professional Level GUI Based Android and iOS Applications. It’s time to take your skills up to the Level where you can make Cool Looking Real Time Applications. We have used one of the most commonly and popular Module for Mobile Development called the Kivy Module.

We are pretty sure that after taking this course in Python, you will then feel that you can now make any type of Android and iOS application using the Python Programming language and that you are now a professional programmer who now knows how to use a language to make something real out of it.

In this Course, if you have any problem you can directly message us or you can ask your question in the Q/A Sections where you will get your Questions Answered as soon as possible. Hope you will have an Awesome Time with this Course.

Stay Awesome!

Who this course is for:

  • For those who are looking to make Android/iOS Apps in Python
  • For those who are looking to make Advanced Cool Looking GUI Based Apps in Python
  • For those who want to deploy Apps


  • Basics of any Programming Language is required

Last Updated 3/2023

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