Learning Conversion Copywriting


Conversion copywriting teaches you how to write compelling marketing copy that converts online prospects to customers. This course walks you through all the basic steps of conversion copywriting. Instructor Joanna Wiebe begins by teaching you how to think about conversion rate optimization from a strategic perspective, and then goes into the three steps of the conversion copywriting process. Joanna teaches you how to borrow messages from customers, including how to define, find, and research the voice of the customer (VOC). She explains how to find the what and how in your VOC, then what to do with your VOC. Next, she takes you through how to use proven frameworks to organize messages on a page, as well as how to write a first draft for web and email copy. Once your first draft is complete, Joanna shows you how to use copywriting formulas to increase the persuasive power of your headlines. Plus, learn how to make conversion copywriting an ongoing practice.

Last Updated 1/14/2021

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