Learn To Build Apps Using NodeJS and Angular

Learn To Build Apps Using NodeJS and Angular


NodeJS is a platform that allows developers to write server side high performance and network applications and that too using the good old JavaScript. Angular is one of the most popular JS frontend framework and you can build really awesome apps using the power of Node and Angular.

If you want to master NodeJS and Angular and want to build applications using these amazing technologies, then this is the perfect course for you! From the very start, you’ll be learning how to program using projects and working through challenges that we’ve designed to reinforce what you’ve learned. This will give you the hands-on experience necessary to create and launch your own project once you’re done. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Node based restful APIs and will learn to create Angular based UI. You will also learn to work with Mongo DB on Cloud.

In this course learn

How to interact between UI and the backend

How to create Rest API

How to make calls and use API as standalone service,

How to integrate MongoDB from NodeJS, 

How to build a database library from scratch and so much more!

Everything you need to learn comes packed in this easy-to-learn package! So what are you waiting for enroll now and get started building your very own apps with NodeJS and Angular !

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who wants to learn professional web development in Node, Angular and Mongo will find this course very useful


  • Basic knolwedge of JavaScript is required to complete this course

Last Updated 12/2018

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