Learn NodeJS Fundamentals – Online Training

Learn NodeJS Fundamentals - Online Training


This foundational NodeJS Fundamentals training prepares learners to manage web servers and build robust web applications that scale according to demand or even debug existing network applications with NodeJS.

Choosing the right runtime environment for applications to run on can be just as important to the overall speed, stability and reliability as the programming language and writing the application. NodeJS applications are written in JavaScript and can be used to develop server-side and networking applications that make every job much easier.

This NodeJS Fundamentals course will explain the basics of working in a runtime environment, what makes NodeJS different, and how to use it to write applications that speed up your work and make your networks more responsive.

For anyone who manages NodeJS training, this programming training can be used to onboard new IT professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a NodeJS reference resource.

NodeJS Fundamentals: What You Need to Know

This NodeJS Fundamentals training covers NodeJS topics including:

  • Understanding essential JavaScript concepts well enough to feel comfortable tackling Node concepts
  • Designing a REST API
  • Creating API endpoints
  • Parsing query parameters and request payloads

Who Should Take NodeJS Fundamentals Training?

This NodeJS training is considered foundational-level programming training, which means it was designed for someone with no experience at all in NodeJS.

NodeJS training. If you work alongside developers or administrators who often refer to “server-side web development” or “language interpreters,” this training will make sure you’ll understand them and can contribute your own insights.

New or aspiring developers. NodeJS is a particularly good environment for building efficient network applications. If you work with applications or networks affected by Internet of Things, microservices, or even streaming apps, NodeJS’ event-driven programming makes it an excellent choice for extending and enhancing your systems.

Released 6/2023

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