IT Networking Fundamentals – Packet Switching

IT Networking Fundamentals - Packet Switching


IT Networking or Computer Networks is an exciting field to work, they use Packet Switching for information communication, but have you ever wondered how exactly Computer Networks or IT Networking actually works on Packet Switching ?

This course teaches you outside the conventional ‘text book teaching’ of one of THE important foundations in IT Networking / Computer Networks, that is Packet Switching. The same underlying technology that runs the Internet and its networks.

IT Networking / Computer Networks is the dominant communication technology in our connected world, their use of Packet Switching replaced the legacy switching technologies like Circuit Switching ( Telephone Networks ) and Message Switching ( Telegraph Networks ), with that move, IT Networking / Computer Networks evolved to a state where they have become an integral part of our lives.

Information travels in the form of IP Packets in Computer Networks, all core concepts of Packet Switching are explained with simple animations and scenarios showing traffic flows in sample Computer Networks. Care has been taken to ensure the concepts can be understood with ease, even students without IT Networking / Computer Networks background can find this course engaging and simple.

Also, you’ll be introduced to the information encoding standards, binary systems and briefly to the TCP/IP Model.

Who this course is for:

  • Students and Professionals who are curious to learn Computer Networks
  • Anyone with career plans in IT Networking / Computer Networks
  • Computer Networks Enthusiasts


  • Basic knowledge on Computers and Curiosity to learn Computer Networks

Last Updated 10/2018

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