Introduction to Jenkins for DevOps


Cloud technology advancement has changed the face of the tech world, with more emphasis on continuous integration and delivery. Learn how to deploy, configure, and take advantage of Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and pipeline-like workflows.

This LiveLesson walks you through the industry standard best practices of deploying Jenkins in a continuous testing environment. Learn to create fully functional Jenkins servers based on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) as well as deploy Jenkins in both AWS and Google Cloud. Learn the advanced features of Jenkins, including the Jenkins Job Builder. Finally, learn several real-world Jenkins deployment case studies.

The associated code can be accessed at: and

Who Should Take This Course

  • DevOps Engineer (mix of developer and engineer), Software Engineer, Operations (Ops) Engineer

Course Requirements

  • Basic understanding of Linux Operating Systems (package installation and configuration), Git

Released December 2019

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