Introduction to Django

Introduction to Django


Django is the most popular web framework for Python and is used by many large websites, including Instagram, the Washington Post, Spotify, and Eventbrite. It is great for getting projects up and running quickly, with all the built-in functionality to ensure that it is up to modern security standards and can scale to accommodate your future needs.

This is a beginner-friendly introduction to building web applications in Django, the Python web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. In it, you will get some hands-on experience starting an app from scratch, as well as some example code for your future reference.

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About the Instructor

Arianne Dee is a full-stack software developer and freelancer, with a passion for user-focused design for the public good. She has bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering and computer science from the University of British Columbia, and has taught thousands of students, aged 9–99 through Engineers Without Borders, Canada Learning Code, and Pearson on the O’Reilly platform. Arianne’s most popular videos and live trainings help beginners and experienced developers get up to speed with Python.

Skill Level

  • Beginner

What You Will Learn

  • Set up a Django project from scratch
  • Understand the Model-Template-View architecture that it uses
  • Learn core features, like the ORM, the admin view, and the templating engine

Who Should Take This Course

  • Software developers who want to get started building web applications in Python

Course Requirements

  • Knowledge of basic web concepts and moderate experience with Python 3, including knowledge of pip as well as creating and overriding classes

Released 11/2023

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