Intermediate C#

Intermediate C#


Now that you have a working knowledge of C#, it’s time to take a deeper dive and learn the intermediate language features of C#.

In this 10-hour Track, you’ll learn how to use C#’s integrated query language—LINQ—to query data, extend types using extension methods, and create data structures using generics. You’ll also learn how to use the powerful Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop, debug, and test your code.

As a prerequisite for this Track, we recommend completing our Beginning C# Track.

The first 4 hours of your learning will be centered around LINQ querying. You’ll learn how to query, use functional programming, and work with more advanced operators in order to solve scenarios with some bird watching data.

Next, you’ll cover some essentials for using Visual Studio, such as GitHub basics, debugging, and more.

Then we’ll dive into two C# workshops: one covering Extension Methods, and one about creating data structures using C# Generics. These skills will take your C# learning to the next level and help you work more efficiently with data.

Finally, we’ll wrap things up with a 2-hour course on unit testing. You’ll learn how to write unit tests and perform test driven development using industry standard tools and methods.

Ready to add a variety of new skills to your coding resume? Let’s dive in!

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