InfluxDB Essentials – InfluxDB Training

InfluxDB Essentials - InfluxDB Training


This intermediate InfluxDB training prepares learners to install, configure and manage InfluxDB for data retrieval needs that call for high availability, time series data.

Time is at the heart of understanding and using InfluxDB. Particularly where the Internet of Things is concerned, storing and retrieving event logs for multiple applications super fast and at scale often depends on a time series database. Without one, you’re doomed to get lost in the challenges that come with the thousands of unique events happening across different ranges of time.

Data analysts whose organizations or projects deal with time-series problems need time-series solutions. And right now, there aren’t many better solutions than InfluxDB. This training familiarizes you with its operation and its underlying Go framework.

After finishing the videos in this InfluxDB Essentials training, you’ll know how to install, configure and manage InfluxDB for data retrieval needs that call for high availability, time series data.

This training can be used to onboard new data analysts, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a InfluxDB reference resource.

InfluxDB Essentials: What You Need to Know

This InfluxDB Essentials training has videos that cover topics such as:

  • Optimizing your databases for high-availability storage and retrieval
  • Collecting, storing, analyzing and visualizing time series data
  • Recognizing ideal use cases for implementing InfluxDB
  • Installing, configuring, and deploying InfluxDB
  • Implementing InfluxDB for operations management
  • Tracking and filtering millions of events by the time at which they occurred

Who Should Take InfluxDB Essentials Training?

This InfluxDB training is considered specialist-level training, which means it was designed for data analysts familiar with time series data.

New or aspiring data analysts. If you’re a brand new data analyst, InfluxDB is hardly a universal requirement for career success. That said, learning it and mastering time series databases early in your career can situate you uniquely. After this InfluxDB Essentials training, you’ll understand when and how to recognize when scalability is more important than durability, or when speed is more important than predefined schema — in other words, when time series databases like InfluxDB are the right tool for you.

Experienced data analysts. If you’ve already been working as a data analyst for a few years, this InfluxDB training was designed to open your eyes to alternatives to relational or noSQL databases. If you and your organization rely on relational databases but you’re starting to suspect the over-commitment to principles of ACID is slowing you down, consider this InfluxDB Essentials training. Learn what time series databases can do for your problem sets, and decide if they’re the right thing for your organization.

Released 12/2020

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