IELTS Listening Strategies – From band 6 to Band 8+

IELTS Listening Strategies - From band 6 to Band 8+


Are you someone who had multiple attempts at the IELTS Listening Exam, but was not able to get your desired band?

Are you struggling with a specific question type in IELTS listening? For example, MCQs, Matching, or Map questions. Do you struggle with time management at the IELTS listening example?
Then this course is perfect for you. You will Learn To Improve Your Listening Skills For IELTS Exam To Get A Higher Band Score. You will learn different strategies, tips, and time management skills to improve your IELTS Listening Exam score.

Like all international language testing systems, IELTS has a unique format. The course expects you to be familiar with the basics format of the IELTS Listening exam before you start. Whether you’re considering taking an IELTS test, or you have a date in place, any preparation you can do now will greatly boost your chances of performing well when the day comes.

This course will cover:

Why many students are not able to score well?

  • Listening Resources and Activities
  • Practicing Multiple Choice Questions
  • Building Vocabulary With Vocabulary Activities.
  • Activities after completing the test
  • Strategies for each question type
    • Fill in the blanks
    • MCQs
    • Matching question
    • Map Question
  • Common mistakes in IELTS Listening Exam
  • Real Exam Practice
  • Time Management in the exam
  • Study Plan

Who this course is for:

  • Students Preparing For IELTS
  • Those who want to improve the IELTS listening score.


  • Familiarity with IELTS Listening.

Last Updated 12/2021

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