How to be a Successful Freelance Translator


This course teaches you how to use your language abilities to work for yourself. You will learn how to earn a living on your own terms, so you can work on projects of your choosing, and can still be available for life’s moments.

Learn How To Earn A Living Working Independently Through Freelance Translation.

  • Use your knowledge of languages to earn money as a freelance translator
  • Learn how to become an independent translation professional
  • Find out how to work both for yourself and for translation agencies, so you can have the best of both worlds
  • Become familiar with what agencies and clients look for, so you can be better positioned to get hired by them

Learn to view your second language as a second degree

Your second language truly is worth just as much as another university degree. It is a skill that is in high demand, and that can earn you more money and a more comfortable life. This course aims to help you use this skill to its full potential.

This course covers the preparation, how to be discovered by clients, as well as the translation process and, obviously, getting paid. Do you know where to find clients? How do you discern the useful clients from the wastes of time? How can you make sure they pick you as a translator? How will you get paid, and get paid on time? How can you avoid working for a pittance?

See what other students have had to say:

“Robert’s course is just what the doctor ordered! …  First-rate course, and I recommend it unhesitatingly for both novice and non-novice (I just made that word up!) alike.” – Daniel Steve Villarreal, Taipei, Taiwan

“Awesome course! I am a translator for over 4 years and this course helps me to make 20% more money per month. Once again thank you so much ! ” – William Davalle

“It’s a great course. I think its more practical style gives it efficiency. It helped me going straight to some things that I think will be useful in my career. Congratulations, Robert!” – Marcus Vinicius de Almeida Lins Santos

“I believe this course is a great tool to help me start translating again at a professional capacity. Kudos!” – PatrĂ­cia Caixeirinho

“Es una excelente herramienta para desarrollar mejor nuestros esfuerzos y habilidades como freelancers.” – Loyda Vindel

“It was exactly what I was looking for because before the course I had a lot of information but no idea of how to get it organized. I feel more confident now. Muchas gracias. :D” – Soledad Ortiz Cejas

Content Overview

This course is structured to serve as reference material, so you can go through the whole course in around one week, but, as your freelance career progresses, you will probably want to go back for refreshers, so to see how various steps can apply to your new situation.

Most of this course will be taught via videos, with some written notes and explanations for those wishing to go further in depth in their career as a freelance translator.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use your knowledge of languages to earn your own money online. You will know what is important in working for yourself, how to make yourself employable to new clients, and how to retain them once they have chosen you as a translator.

The world is becoming increasingly global, while jobs are less and less secure, and the Internet is, by now, near universal. Combine all these factors, and you have a perfect storm of opportunity for people who speak more than one language.

You’ve learned your language, and this course concentrates on what to do next, so you can use your abilities to choose jobs and clients that interest you. In other words, you can become a freelance translator. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for people who speak or can write in another language and would like to earn extra money, work from home, or work on their own terms.


  • This course is not limited to any specific language (although it is taught in English). It also doesn’t teach you how to translate. Rather, it teaches you how to use translation to earn a living.

Last Updated 1/2021

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