Hacking Web Applications, Websites, Penetration Testing, CTF


Welcome to your Hacking Web Applications, Websites, & Penetration Testing course! Throughout this course, you will learn techniques that hackers could use to attack and penetrate web applications, websites, home, and business networks. You will learn about ethical hacking and penetration testing. You will also discover just how easy a cyber criminal could break into your own network. Furthermore, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of cyber attacks. After understanding how a hacker thinks and performs an attack, you will instantly be able to better defend your own computer and network from hackers. You will learn the importance of security along with highly desired skills that could boost your career. How would you like to land a job that pays you to ethically hack and perform penetration tests from your very own house?

Do you value the privacy of your own home network? Imagine the comforting feeling that your computer and network is more secure from attacks because you know how to test the strength of your own computer and network using the amazing skills that you learned in this course. Act now to protect your wealth before it is too late and you become victim to another cyber attack.

This course covers a broad range of cybersecurity, ethical hacking and penetration testing topics.

Who this course is for:

  • Ethical hackers
  • Penetration testers
  • Security enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in expanding their security knowledge
  • Individuals wanting to learn ethical hacking
  • Anyone interested in learning penetration testing
  • Anyone looking to start or further their career in cybersecurity


  • Fundamental computer knowledge would be helpful but is not required

Last Updated 12/2020

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