GPT-4 Foundations: Building AI-Powered Apps

GPT-4 Foundations Building AI-Powered Apps


Are you looking for a practical, simple, visual introduction to creating an AI-powered application? This course was designed for you. While GPT-4 has piqued much of the world’s attention, few people have developed the skills required to build their own AI-powered tools. Join instructor Denys Linkov to find out more about how to get started building AI-powered applications using GPT-4. In this course, Denys offers a comprehensive overview of the OpenAI playground, including the basics of large language models and prompts. Get tips for beginner, intermediate, and advanced prompting to start creating a no-code chatbot on your own. Along the way, test out your new skills in the challenge exercises provided at the end of each section of the course.

Released 6/2023

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