GetX Flutter iOS & Android Video Sharing App | TikTok Clone

GetX Flutter iOS & Android Video Sharing App TikTok Clone


In this course you will learn professional flutter full stack app development by building professional video sharing application like TikTok clone using advanced getx state management with firebase firestore as backend.

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Fast. Productive. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross-platform applications for Android, iOS.

GetX is an extra-light and powerful solution for Flutter. It combines high-performance state management, intelligent dependency injection, and route management quickly and practically. With GetX you know where to find each feature of your application, having clean code by default. In addition to making maintenance easy, this makes the sharing of modules something that until then in Flutter was unthinkable, something totally possible.

Firebase provides detailed documentation and cross-platform SDKs to help you build and ship apps on Android, iOS. Google Firebase is one of the most popular frameworks employed by professional developers and companies to build high-quality applications. Many companies and developers rely on it because of its seamless database management, cloud storage, and testing services.

TikTok, and its Chinese counterpart Douyin, is a short-form video hosting service owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. It hosts user-submitted videos, which can range in duration from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

Who this course is for:

  • anyone who want to learn full stack iOS and android app development
  • anyone who want to become professional flutter app developer


  • you must have some basic programming knowledge
  • you must have some basic flutter knowledge

Last Updated 3/2023

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